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How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code “49”?

As HP LaserJet printer user, you might encounter several technical errors and issues and one of the most common error code encountered by the HP printer user is error “49”. The error code indicates the communication error and these errors are hard to troubleshoot as the error caused by the faulty features. These errors can clear with a reboot, or more permanent errors that actually require a hardware replacement. You can fix such sort of errors at your own or simply contact HP Printer Support Phone Numberto have instant support and help by the expertise.

To fix such error you need to turn the printer off, then unplug the printer from the network and clear any pending jobs from the print queue and the reboot the printer to make the error disappear.
In case this does not help you to fix the problem then you can go with the further solution described below-
Mismatched or Corrupted Driver Can Cause 49 errors:  You need to check that the error code appears only during certain print jobs. In …

Committed Technical Support For HP Devices

Hewlett Packard commonly known as HP is one of the most famous brand and manufacturer of automated devices which includes laptops, computers, printers, scanners, keyboards and other related accessories. All the devices are manufactured with high rated features and functionality with advanced technologies. HP is also known for its services performances and offers HP Customer Care Phone Number for the users so that they can get assistance with complete guidance and assistance immediately.

Though the devices are developed with smart features and technologies but still they are not free from technical bugs and glitches as it is not a big deal to encounter problems with automated devices.
You can find the list below of issues with the devices which frequently encountered by the users-
HP Laptop startup problemsComputer trouble with screenStar up issues with HP printerLaptop boot up problemHP devices issues with Windows 10Scanner responding issues with MacWi-Fi connectivity issues with HP lap…

HP DeskJet Scanner Showing “Document Image Size Problems”

Many of the HP Deskjet all-in-one printers built with scanner that can help you your small business. It completes all your scanning needs and requirements. Though all the printers and scanners specifications are depends on the different models, all HP scanners are subjects to some errors and issues from time to time. The scanner model includes problems with the scanned image being too zoomed out or in, too large or too small or a bad file size. You can control all the sizes with the setting in HP software. To have more detailed information and description you need to directly contact at HP Scanner Customer Support Phone Number, where you would be supported by the expertise on a single phone call.

Scanning from the Printer:
Most HP DeskHet’s have a one-touch scanning control on the printer; the certain button is meant to ease the scanning process.  You need to put a document on the scanner bed, first press the button and the printer scans and send the image directly to the computer. But …

How To Fix HP Printer “Repeated Paper Jam” Issue?

There are several manufacturer of printer and HP is one the most used brand for printer globally. It has established a wide range of users and has created a highest rate market. HP printers re developed with high-tech features and functionality so that it can perform its task properly without any problem. There is wide variety of printers of different series for different users of varied status. In order to find more detailed information Contact HP Printer Support.

Though the HP printer machines are built with high-tech features but still they exhibit some technical issues and glitches due to faulty features. One of the common issues with the printer machine is repeated paper jam problem. It appears due to variety of reasons such as excessive and roughly use of printer, tray is not cleaned properly and many more.
In order to deal with the problem, here are some troubleshooting solutions described according to the situation mentioned below-
General Repeated paper jam problem- Firstly you …

Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Start-up Issue With Windows 10

As a HP laptop user you might encounter a major problem with it. Sometimes HP laptop starts but showing black screen, when you are running Windows 10 operating system. If you are the victim of such issues then you can take help by the expertise by dialing HP Laptop Support Phone Number. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of such issue are may like incomplete or incorrect installation, corrupted download, driver compatibly problem and other unexpected reasons. These reason leads the laptop to the black screen, then you laptop would get start but, you won’t be able to work on it as it would start with black screen.

You can easily resolve such problem at your own easily, here are some methods described with step by step instruction-
Perform a hard reset:
Resetting the laptop can resolve lots of problems that are causing black screen issue. But in case hard reset does not resolve your problem then go with the other troubleshooting method.
Recovering the notebook BIOS using a key …

How To Fix HP Printer “Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue (Windows)” Issue?

HP is one of the reliable manufacturers of printer and has highly range of users around the world. There are several problems and technical glitch reported by the user of HP printer. And one of the major problems is that “Print job stuck in print Queue (Windows) problem, which needs to be fixed accordingly and properly. This stuck print job cannot be cancelled or deleted. It also prevents further print jobs from printing. To have more detailed information regarding the problem you better dial a HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number where you would be guided by the expertise on a call.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem-
·First you need to delete all the job files and restart he printer·Then you should use HP Print and scan doctor·Simply reinstall the printer

Besides this other solution that you can perform are-
·Temporarily doable your firewall software·Log in Windows using another account

If the above solution does not help you to resolve the printer problem…

How To Restore an HP Pavilion Laptop?

At the start of the drive, there is HP Pavilion feature that includes HP System Recovery. It is a program designed in such way to backup files, enable the administrators to perform troubleshooting on the computer system and to restore the operating system. Reset the computer system to a previous state, but it only works on the system files will not affect the rest of the data present on the hard drive. If your laptop is failing, before sending the computer and you are losing your important business data then you need to take help and support by the experienced technicians by contacting at HP Laptop Technical Support Phone Number. Here you would be supported on a single phone call with quick response.
Steps to Recover the HP System:
·First you need to connect the power adapter to the HP Pavilion and then disconnect all other devices and cables attached to it·Then simply restart or power on the Pavilion. You need to click “Start, All Programs·After this click  “Recovery Manager,·Then you …

When Do You Need To Update HP Printer Driver?

Operating systems like Windows doesn’t have the knowledge about every piece of hardware in the system. For instance, it knows about scanners, but doesn’t know how to make every possible scanner function. That’s exactly the job of what are called “device driver” software, or just “drivers”. Device drivers decode Window’s generic commands into the specific instructions that make the hardware function. Thus, these drivers are quite important to make all the hardware in your computer work properly. These drivers need to be updated regularly. To get instant help for your HP device drivers get in touch with our technical experts on our HP Printer Support Phone Number anytime!
When To Update Drivers
You should possibly update the drivers for different hardware in your computer only when the need arises. There has to be a reason behind updating the drivers. However, updating the device drivers is an important first line of protection once things begin to get weird. When the device is not workin…

How To Update HP Printer Driver?

Old or corrupt drivers can become a cause of problems in your PC, which include crashing and being unstable. Updated drivers could consist of bug fixes, stability enhancements as well as even new features and capabilities. When it comes to your printer, you need to update drivers mainly if you're using a newer version of any operating system or if you experience printing problems. For issues pertaining to HP products, you can call on our HP Printer Customer Service Number anytime!

Step by Step: Discovering an Outdated Printer Driver Step 1 Open the Windows 'Devices and Printers' panel by clicking the Start button, typing devices and printers in the search box, and pressing Enter. A list of all available printers on the system will appear.
Step 2 If your printer has a yellow exclamation-point icon on it, or if it does not appear at all, downloading new drivers is necessary. Of course, you can also download new drivers even if Windows reports that nothing is wrong with the prin…

How To Connect Wired Speaker To HP Laptop?

It is quite a common thing to find the audio in HP laptops very low and in fact in certain cases it can be barely heard. Therefore, it becomes essential to connect a wired speaker with the laptop. It makes the audio loud and audible for the user. The wired speakers can be connected to the laptop following some very simple steps. You can do it on your own or even get in touch with our customer support team over our HP Tech Support Phone Number.
Pick a pair of laptop speakers The laptop speakers available in the market are usually compatible with USB or speaker/headphone. The 3.5mm jack of the speaker typically fits in the headphone jack of the laptop. But these speakers may need an additional power source to function. The USB speakers generally don’t require any added power source, since they can be connected to the USB port of the laptop.
Set Up and Install Speakers Wired speakers come with marking of Left and right and may sometime also have a subwoofer along with them. They need to …

How To Resolve The Failure of HP Scanner?

HP is a renowned brand and has wide range of products in the market. Apart from its laptops, it scanners and printers are also highly used. Scanning with HP scanner is quite easy if the scanner is working correctly but just in case of scanner failure it can prove to be a hindrance in the flow of work. To solve failure problem in HP scanner, follow the steps mentioned below or give a call on our HP Scanner Tech Support Phone Number anytime.

Reset and Restart the HP Scanner Often restarting the scanner works, as it resets the or rather restores the original settings and removes the cause of its failure. Switch off the power button and unplug the cable from the power source and wait for a few seconds before you plug it back. Now, restart your computer and the HP scanner and check it its working or not. If it isn’t working try the next method.
Power Connection Repair Inadequate or interrupted supply of power to run the HP scanner can be a cause of its failure, which can be resolved easily. Yo…