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How to Enhance HP Laptop’s Speed and Make It Faster?

Like any other laptop, speed is the major concern in HP laptops. If your HP laptop is running slow, so learn basic steps here to make your HP laptop faster and quick. Below, you will find the steps with complete instructions to speed up your HP laptop, in case, you want professionals’ technician help, use HP Support Phone Number to reach the best support desk.

·Wait until Windows 10 Update is Complete:
Either your laptop is new or old, the foremost thing that needs to be noticed that have you updated your laptop with latest OS, or have the update is installed completely. Microsoft Windows 10 is a default part of all the new HP Notebooks in 2018; therefore it is neccassary to have Windows 10 OS on your new laptop. During the time Windows is configuring its first update, you laptop take more time to boot up. Although, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get around with this till now. As Microsoft checks for updates timely, so you don’t have to do the same. If there is an update available, it…

Five Important Instructions to Reset Windows Password on HP Laptop

You become more irritated, when you get windows password lost on HP laptop?  Annoying just by forgetting HP Laptop password? During any day, you have got many online passwords to remember as send tweets, you read emails and order foodstuffs online. You have bound to confuse them. On other hand, to reset your HP laptop login password is very easy and quick procedure and can be simply ignored. Read this blog if you forgot windows login password on your HP laptop or need to secure yourself.

Step1:- Must to reset windows password with Microsoft account password-
Only for windows 10/8 users, if you use a Microsoft account login, you can come back into windows just by resetting your windows account online. If that does not define your situation, you need to move on to the next idea. If you don’t have knowledge to solve this error, you can call directly at toll free HP Technical Support Number for instant help.
Step2:- Need to reset password with made HP password-
Windows features a built in fun…

Learn How to Setup New HP Computer?

If you are have purchased a new HP computer and excited to work on, then wait for few seconds running a new computer is not an easy task as there are multiple setups that required to be done before working on it and running it properly. You need to just perform a few simple steps that you can do on your own, but if you need experts’ help, call on HP Support Number. Here’s how to set up a new laptop or desktop computer the right way, step by step.
Run Windows Update on your HP Computer:
Before proceeding with your new HP computer it is must to patched and update your Windows completely. The procedure time all depends on the model and version of the computer. Firstly you need to ensure that your computer is properly connected to the internet. Open the “Start” menu in Windows 10 and then move towards “Setting”, “Update and Security”. Here, your system will start searching for the updates, and find some. Further, download and install the updates and then reboot your computer. Do this repeate…

Steps to Add an HP Printer in Windows 10

Installation of HP in Windows 10 is usually a simple and easy task that is a process of 10 to 15 minute, after which you can start printing right away. If you want to add your HP printer in Windows 10, you can do it on your own and for instant guidance better consult experts at HP Helpline Number

The foremost and common method to connect a printer to your computer is USB cable. The connection of USB cable makes the printer a local printer. Furthermore, you can also connect a wireless printer or add a printer that is connected to another computer on your network. We have discussed all the methods below with all different scenarios.
Add a Local Printer:
·From the “Start” menu, launch the “Settings” app. ·Now, you need to click “Devices”. ·In the next step, you have to click “Add a Printer or Scanner”. ·Click on the name of the printer, in case the Windows detects your printer. Further follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. ·Click on “The printer that I want isn't list…

How to Find out the Folder of Printer Driver Files in Windows 7?

Troubleshooting a non-working printer is not a simple task. While working with your HP printer on Windows 7 is simply a good thing as Windows 7 operating system is a user-friendly operating system for most of the part, but tracking down the printer driver files can be little difficult. However, Windows 7 OS marks it easy to update printer drivers, install as well as uninstall. The operating system does not go out of its way in order to point you toward the actual files themselves. In addition, you can also consult experts at HP Technical Support Number for constant guidance.

Here we have discussed the steps to find the folder of the printer driver files in Windows 7-

System Folder Locations:
First you need to launch the Windows Explorer and then find the drive on which the Windows 7 operating system is installed. Further you have to scroll down in order to locate the Windows folder and then click on it to simply go on it to disclose the system folders within. Unluckily, 32-bit system fil…

Ways to Find out the Model Number of an HP Laptop

As a user of HP laptop, you can easily find the model number of your HP laptop. You can utilize this number to specifically check your device to people struggling to service or maintain it, or to ensure that a piece of hardware used in the system is compatible or not, for instance battery. For more information, use HP Helpline Number by which you can get experts help.

Follow the methods given below to find out the model number of an HP Laptop:
Using System Information: ·First of all you need to hold down the Win and then press R. This will launch the "Run" command on any Windows computer. ·Now, you can also right-click the “Start Menu” on a computer running Windows and then click “Run”. ·Further, you need to type msinfo32 into Run. This should be done in the search bar to the right of the "Open:" heading. ·In the next step, you need to click OK. This will directly launch the Windows System Information utility, which consists of details about your specific model of comput…

Repair your HP Device with Agile Support

HP is one of the popular and renowned manufacturers that provides hardware and software services. HP is one of the leading and largest manufacturers of printers, computers, scanners, laptops and other related accessories. The HP devices are known for their best performance and high-tech features that have set a benchmark in the IT industry. However HP devices are more efficient and reliable among the software and hardware services because of its high-quality performance and functions but still they impose some technical problems and bugs with them. For these situations, there is HP Support Phone Number offered where all the technical and non-technical queries of users are handled and managed by the qualified technicians.

In order to ensure complete customers satisfaction our support team offers agile support with complete guidance on your doorsteps. Our support team works 365 days round the clock and provides experienced and certified assistance with best resolutions for the problems c…