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How to Fix HP Laptop When it is Not Turning On?

Troubleshoot your laptop that does not turn on or booting up. The problem might be a reason for the inability to eliminate hardware from the laptop. Try to follow the steps given below to fix and identify what may be keeping your laptop from turning on. Moreover, get HP Technical Support from the reliable helpdesk.

Connect the power cable:
Most of the time, the problem might appear due to the adapter as if it is not connected properly. So, to fix the problem, try to connect the power cable to ensure that the dead battery is not the cause of the problem. Make sure that the adapter cord is plugged in both ends properly.
Disconnect from docking station:
If you have connected your laptop to a docking station, then try to disconnect it and then turn on your laptop again. 
Remove any external peripherals:
At times, the problem may occur due to any external devices or peripherals. In order to check if any device is the cause of the problem, disconnect any external devices.
Remove and reconnect ba…

Find out Some Common HP Printer’s Problems

HP printers are known for their reliability and are most demanding printers worldwide. But HP printers are still problematic from time to time. We are all aware that a printer fails at the most inopportune moments. It is critical to solving HP Printer Problems if you are not aware of the exact the reason of the problem. There is a number of problems that you can find with your HP printer and in the tutorial, we have included some of them.

·Paper jams:
When we start with the most common problem of HP printer, the first problem that strikes to our mind is paper jam problems. The paper jam in the printer could occur a due number of reasons like the paper tray is damaged, the wrong paper type is used and more. While cleaning the printer time to time and using the correct paper type are some of the best solutions to fix the problem.
·The printer offline issue:
There are many reasons why a printer can go offline; they start from connectivity issues to a powered-down printer. Most of the time, …

How to Tackle Common Issues on HP Stream 11?

As a user of HP Stream 11, you might encounter some frustrating situations due to multiple reasons. HP Stream 11 problems are frustrating because you probably do everything on it. Use the tips and workarounds to fix your HP Stream 11 problems given below. You can either take help from experts at HP Support Phone Number or do it on your own with simple solutions.

How to Fix HP Stream 11 Wi-Fi Problems?
Most of the users discovered Wi-Fi problems in HP Stream 11. Sometimes the system refuses to connect to the internet at the time you wake it up from sleep. Moreover, other time the internet stops responding unexpectedly.
In order to overcome the situation, try to use the same Wi-Fi connections with another device, such as with your smartphones. If your smartphone connects to the internet easily with the same Wi-Fi network, then it means there is a problem with your HP Stream 11. Here, you have to click on the Wi-Fi icon located on the bottom-right corner of your screen. After this, click on…

Get Complete Technical Support for HP Devices

HP begins with different devices which enhance, improves, and optimizes the way you and your requirements acquires, manages, and uses technology. HP devices allow you to attain certainty, security, and a transformed workplace. It gathers innovative devices, lifecycles services, and HP Customer Support into an all-inclusive solution.

HP is one of the renowned manufacturers of electronic devices that manufactured a number of electronic devices including laptops, printers, computers, scanners and other related accessories. All such devices are packed with high-tech solutions and best of the techniques to deliver the best service to the users.  Here, we will discuss two of the best HP devices that are used by users globally.
HP Computers:
There is a wide range of computers that are offered by HP according to the customer’s needs. HP built computers with advanced features and functions that are designed to deliver a satisfactory outcome to the users. There are different versions of computers…

Download and Install Compatible Driver to Fix HP Printer Issues

If you use HP printer and scanner and your computer or laptop doesn’t detect the device or it is not working, then there is a possibility that there are certain issues with your HP drivers. You either choose to contact HP Customer Support to resolve such issue or you can also do it on your own. More so it could be the case if: ·You have updated your HP device but the drivers are still the old one then the device would not be working properly ·You have updated your Windows OS and the old HP drivers are not working properly with your new OS
·You have mistakenly uninstalled the driver file of HP

Diagnosis of HP Printer Issue
Make use of the Device manager to recognize the problem in your HP printer. Just in case the problem is pertaining to outdated or absent HP driver then it would come up in the device manager, you can easily access the device manager by following the below-mentioned steps: 1.Open the Control Panel 2.Double-click on System 3.Click on Device Manager
Downloading and Installing H…

How to Fix HP Laptop Won't Shut Down Issue in Windows 10?

When you hit “Shut Down” button and your HP laptop don’t get shut down then you might face some technical problem with your HP laptop. The problem specifically appears in Windows 10. Once upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, the laptop might take a very long time to turn off. And when it seems to get turn off, it would restart again. But there is something weird about this problem that it would turn off really fast second times you turned it off. Here you are required to have HP Computer Support to easily deal with the problem.

Find out the best solutions steps that would help you to overcome the problem quickly- To begin the process, you need to go to your “Device Manager”. You can have the option by searching for "device manager" in Cortana, or by going through your PC SettingsNow, you need to scroll down and increase the option named "System Devices"After this, you need to find the hardware named "Intel(R) Management Engine Interf…

Ways to Print from iPhone 6/6s/7

Sometimes, you may require or wish to print from your iPhone 6/6s/7 (plus), but it would be little difficult to print from an iPhone 6/6s/7 (Plus) directly, specifically when you have no AirPrint supported printer around or AirPrint will not work. But here you don’t need to worry about, try to follow the steps mentioned below to print files from your iPhone again. Below are the two different methods to print from your iPhone including with or without AirPrint or you can contact HP Technical Support.

How to print from iPhone with AirPrint?
There are some requirements when using AirPrint to print from iPhone 6/6s/7 (plus) ·You are required to have one AirPrint-enabled HP printer ·Keep iPhone and printer on the same Wi-Fi network. Here your printer will detect your iPhone if you turn on it and enable it’s Wi-Fi Usually, you can easily print from an iPhone by the following steps. But some of you may face problem “AirPrint Won’t Work”. In this case, you can try the following tips given below- ·F…

How to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue?

While printing from your HP printer, most of the time you might witness the experience a “printer is offline” message suddenly without any warning. Due to this problem, the printer stops sending a print job to the device, the printer stops responding and more. There are multiple reasons behind the problem; they range from connectivity issue to a powered-down printer.  But, most of the times you ring back your printer with some few clicks in Windows.  Furthermore, you can also follow the steps mentioned below with complete HP Customer Service.

·Shut off the printer in order to reboot and then turn it back on again ·Check that your printer is plugged into your computer device correctly and have network connectivity ·Now, you need to log on to your computer device by using an account that has “Manage Printers” rights to the printer. ·Then, you have to right-click the printer and then choose  “See What’s Printing” to show the print spooler window ·After this, you have to simply click “Printer…